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Skilled Nursing in Northern Virginia

Get the skilled nursing care you need from some of the top independent nurses in our area. By using our nursing referral service, you don't have to spend the duration of your recovery in the confines of a hospital room. We provide caring and skilled nursing for clients throughout the area. Go about your day as usual while receiving the medical attention you need from our team of nursing professionals.

Whether you are released from the hospital too early, or you just need a viable alternative to an extended stay at a facility, we have the answer you need. We are focused on providing for your well-being and helping you retain the independence that comes from living in the comforts of your own home. Rest assured that the medical professional we assign for your care has been evaluated by our strict screening process. Only the best nurses available are assigned to you.

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Dedicated Care from a Private Nurse

When you are recovering in a hospital or another medical facility, the charge nurse often works with several patients at a time. No matter how qualified the nurse may be, this situation may result in less than efficient care for you or your loved one. You deserve a private nurse that is focused on your care and recovery.

Our nursing referral service is able to secure the finest independent nurses in the greater area for you and your in-home care. Each month, we screen hundreds of independent nursing professionals to locate the top talents working in the industry. They must have the training, skill, experience, professionalism, and attitude to deliver only the finest level of care. Don't risk the well-being of your loved one with untrained and ill-equipped caregivers. Locate and work with the experienced nursing professionals that patients demand for their critical care.

Unmatched Attention from In-Home Nurses

Our screening process produces results, and we only register few than four percent of the nurses that apply to our registry. This means you get in-home nurses that are capable of delivering all the services you need to successfully recover from any ailment. Our in-home care services include:

 Overall health and wellness assessment
 Vital signs and health condition monitoring
 Medication planning and administration
 Wound care
 Feeding tube
 IV therapy
 Ventilator care
 Tracheotomy care                                               
 Colostomy care
 Personal care
 Errands & transportation
 Meal preparation
 Light housekeeping

Home Care Nurses for Independent Living

There is no place like home, and many patients value the independent living they have become accustomed to. But many don't have the ability to live on their own without qualified assistance. Our home care nurses help patients enjoy the comforts of home while continuing to receive the medical services they need to function.

Improve the overall quality of life if you or a loved one is recovering from a major operation. Give  your loved one a second change at retaining their valued independence without spending your entire day worrying about their health and safety. There is an alternative to the lonely days in a hospital bed when you work with our team of private in-home nurses.

A nursing registry such as ours is the most effective way possible to find the safest and most trusted nursing professionals. The cost of our service is determined by you and your assigned private nurse. Best of all, you are free to negotiate the rates. We don't set any rates for the services your nurses provides, and we never charge a fee for any evaluation or supervisory visits.

Patient Advocacy Can Make a Difference

For many patients, understanding the ramifications of a diagnosis can be overwhelming. With the limited time doctors have to meet with each of their patients, patient advocacy can make a decisive difference in improving your quality of life. 

Patient advocates can accompany your loved one to any appointments with physicians, and they can advocate on your behalf. Communication is key, and a patient advocate ensures the diagnosis and treatment are clearly explained to you and your loved one.

Eliminate the guesswork and confusion that can arise during your or our loved one’s treatment and recovery with the help of a qualified nurse. This service reduces the time involved in your recovery and saves you money in the long run as well.

Independent studies have found that utilizing the services of an independent nurse can save you as much as 20% when you use a home health service. Acting as your patient advocate, we help you maintain a clear line of communication with the physician and avoid any setbacks that prove costly. Cut down on the confusion and fear associated with your care by working with our private nurses and patient advocates.

Contact us today for skilled nursing from trained professionals that make a difference in your care. We proudly serve patients in Northern Virginia and surrounding areas.